Taking Care of your Jewellery

None of the metals that we use are plated. We only work in sterling silver and solid brass.
As the metal is solid and not plated, the more you wear our jewellery, the cleaner it should stay. Please note, however, that brass and silver do tarnish naturally over time.
It is perfectly natural for 925 Sterling Silver and Brass to oxidise over time. (Think back to your grandmother’s luxury silver cutlery and brass ornaments, it had to be polished and maintained weekly).
There are various reasons these metals will tarnish quicker, some being within your control and others that are out of your control.Some factors that are within your control are keeping jewellery away from perfume, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and not bathing or swimming with your metal items. Factors that are beyond your control includes humidity, dirty air and an acidic skin ph.
In the case of your jewellery tarnishing or becoming dirty, simply clean it with a soft cloth and a metal cleaning agent such as Silvo/Brasso, a generic jewellery cleaner, or simply hot water, a sponge and soap.
Gold and Platinum detail is a surface treatment and may patina or fade depending on pH, use and exposure to chlorine. Do not use brush on Gold or Platinum areas and do not dip these areas in Silver Dip/Cleaner. You can gently wipe the area with a soft cloth to clean.
Store your jewellery in an airtight container or a zip lock bag to discourage tarnishing.