Long Beaded Necklace with Tassels

R 295.00

  • Long Seed Bead Necklace with Tiny Cotton Tassels.


Various Glass & Tassel Colors to choose from.

Various Seed Bead Colors & Combinations to choose from.

Tassels are handmade by us from quality Cotton.



Additional information

Tassels Color:

White, Black (5th image), Med Red, Carrot Red (4th image), Dark Red, Pearl Grey, Med Grey, Dark Grey, Ivory, Pink, Purple, Light Sky Blue, Light Turquoise, Dark Turquoise (1st & 2nd images), Periwinkle, Cobalt, Lapis Blue, Pea Green, Nile Green, Light Grass Green, Petroleum Green, Yellow, Chartreuse, Gold (3rd image)

Seed Bead Colors:

White & Clear, Black & Clear (5th image), Coral & Clear, Turquoise & Clear (2nd image), Red & Clear (4th image), Carrot Red & Orange, Medium Reds, Dark Reds, Dark Blues, Turquoise & Blue (1st image), Periwinkle & Dark Blues, Light Greens, Dark Greens, Light & Dark Greens, Petroleum Green & Clear, Yellows, Coppers, Golds (3rd image)


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