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Glass Bars & Platinum Lustre Studs

R 320.00

  • Glass Bars with Platinum Lustre detail & Sterling Silver Posts.


Real Platinum is Hand Painted onto Glass before fired in Kiln.

Various Glass Colors & Platinum Designs to choose from.

None of the metals that we use are plated. We only work in solid sterling silver and solid brass.

As the metal is solid and not plated, the more you wear our jewellery, the cleaner it should stay. Please note, however, that brass and silver do tarnish naturally over time.

It can simply be cleaned back to their original appearance by using a standard brass metal polish (Brasso is our favourite brand).

Best to remove your jewellery when applying moisturizer, perfumes or lotions. Platinum detail is a surface treatment and may patina or fade depending on pH, use and exposure to chlorine. Do not use brush on Platinum areas.


Additional information

Glass Color

White, Black, Dark Brown, Pearl Grey, Med Grey, Dark Grey, Ivory, Pink (3rd & 5th image), Purple, Light Sky Blue, Lapis Blue, Light Turquoise, Periwinkle (2nd & 4th image), Cobalt, Pale Aqua, Dark Aqua, Grasshopper Green, Pea Green, Nile Green, Teal, Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Coral, Orange, Carrot Red, Medium Red, Dark Red, Chartreuse, Steel, Smoke (1st image), Rose

Platinum Design

Dipped (2nd & 5th image), Stripe (3rd image), Side Stripe (4th image), Mid Dipped (1st image)


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